How many granny flats are there in Portland? more than you’d think.

Lots of people love the idea of little independent housing units on their property –a granny house, a mother-in-law unit, a guest suite, etc.  These “accessory dwelling units,” or ADU’s as planners like to call them, can be a really flexible asset for a homeowner’s future: as a rental, an office space, a guest house.  Not to mention cute: check out the one I made on my property.

Planners tend to like them too, because they provide infill housing without changing neighborhood character.  My town of Portland, Oregon, loosened up rules for ADU creation in 1997-98, but surprisingly few ADU’s have been created.  I did a little research on the market for those properties, and ended up finding more ADU’s than are on the city’s records.  Read this document to find out more.


Posted October 13, 2009 by Martin John Brown

One Response to “How many granny flats are there in Portland? more than you’d think.”

  1. […] garage, this ADU is an inspiration to me. While it was built as an unpermitted ADU like at least 2/3rds of Portland’s ADUs, it functions like an accessory dwelling unit for all intents and […]

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